Elegance is a universal language. Mabrun’s items are designed by a young and very dynamic staff in Italy and are greatly appreciated in all foreign markets for their style and quality.

The new millennium is benchmarked by very comprehensive collections that have been broadened to include casual jackets, trenches, rainwear, over jackets, car coats and cabans, fully in line with the fashion trends but never compromising on the concept of timeless elegance.

Mabrun pursues its quality mission and vision. The new facility on a modern 7500 sq.m. wide estate, the corporate know-how, awareness, and skills allow Mabrun to supply high-end products matching class, comfort, and uniqueness to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Mabrun's collections present new loden coats and capes. By restyling the thick and heavy "mountain coat" with a more urban look, Mabrun gains rapid expansion and notoriety all over Italy.

Textile garments for women and men collections open the doors to new markets and reach a new target customer: active people who like to wear their personal style in both their leisure time and the special occasions.

One of the hits of these decades was accurately finished leather. Finely selected hides were procured from all over Italy and finished by a special tanning process.

That’s when it all started. The Marcon family started a small artisan workshop making leather ware in Bassano del Grappa back in 1936.