In this peculiar historical time, creating is a never-ending challenge for our style department staff.

Setting and forecasting trends, searching new materials, finding shapes and colours to make fantastic ideas real: this is the task that our designers and pattern-makers need to accomplish day by day, with a young and far-out approach.

Mabrun's garments embody the Italian style. They are the result of processing leather and textiles with the care of a tailor to create outerwear that represents the cosmopolitan and many-sided vision of our style department.

The matching of colours, hues, and fabrics as well as graphics research are part of the daily work of our designers, sketch- and pattern-makers. Their work stems from travelling, researching and documenting, keeping always abreast of all new trends and textile innovations.

Our style team has been devoting their best endeavours to make tradition walk hands in hands with modernity. The Mabrun brand represents a style that is suitable on many occasions for those men and women who do not wish to give up comfort and ease of wear. From casual-sport items for those who need to afford maximum ease of movement, to the classy and finest garments combining reversible design and different materials in one piece.